‘Elephant’ Baby Socks (Set of 6)

'Elephant' Baby Socks (Set of 6) - Buy 'Elephant' Baby Socks (Set of 6) - Purchase 'Elephant' Baby Socks (Set of 6) (Trumpette, Trumpette Apparel, Trumpette Toddler Girls Apparel, Apparel, Departments, Kids & Baby, Infants & Toddlers, Girls, Underwear & Socks)
‘Elephant’ Baby Socks (Set of 6)
Talk about cute! These brightly colored socks from Trumpette come with a fun elephant pattern in a rainbow of colors to go with any outfit. Each set includes six pairs. They also make a great gift, since each set comes beautifully packaged in its own matching gift box. Fits size 0-12 months. (Please note: The elephants on these socks are actually gray, not pink as pictured.)
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